This page is for Products I use and recommend
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Stick Mobility

The mobility sticks are a simple yet highly effective tool for building strength at the end ranges of motion. They can provide a workout by themselves or can be used to prep the body for other forms of exercise.


If you are interested in getting a set you can click on the icon to go to their site. Use code DWIGHT2879 to save 10% on sticks and stick bundles.


Xero shoes provide:

Natural Fit –     

Wide toe boxes let your toes spread and relax.

A “Xero-drop”, non-elevated heel for proper posture.

Natural Feel –   

Low to the ground for balance and agility with a just-right combination of protections and ground feel.

Natural Motion –

Feeltrue soles let your feet bend and flex naturally with a 5000 mile sole warranty

Click on the link to shop their shoes, boots and sandals. Use code DWIGHT0021 to get a discount.

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QonQuill Suspension straps

No discounts on these but I like this brand because you can anchor each strap separately, they are good quality, and priced reasonably.

Suspension straps are one of the products I recommend for home gyms as well as must have for "on the road" gyms for those who travel for work.