Better Movement makes for a Better Life

Our bodies were made to move. The human body functions best when it is regularly physically active. It is vital to fully comprehend this significance because inactivity is arguably one of the greatest threats of our time. (The World Health Organization claims that physical inactivity constitutes the fourth leading cause of death globally, causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths globally). 

As sedentary lifestyles have become more common in the workplace, daily physical activity and structured exercise are needed for maximized success and to meet the human body’s innate need to be in constant motion. 

We will use the following forms of exercise to help you move better, more comfortably and with less pain.

           Resistance Training


Many associate resistance training with increasing strength, power, and speed for sports performance enhancement. While resistance training does achieve that, it is also important for everyday people to help make their bodies more tolerant to the daily stresses they encounter.

Working around the house, doing daily chores, or even enjoying time with family & friends imposes forces (stresses) on the body. Resistance training builds muscle tissues, which then may build bone density. Muscles also absorb forces protecting the joints.


An exercise of non-movement that improves movement by building strength in the muscles and connective tissues (tendons & ligaments) improving joint stability and increasing mobility.

           Integrated Movement


Adding loaded and unloaded integrated movement training will help improve coordination, mobility, balance, and provide variation.

           Leveraged Activated Stretching

Combining joint mobilization, strength training, and active stretching exercises to improve flexibility, strength, and coordination, reduce risk of injury, speed recovery, and improve athletic performance.

           Cardiovascular training


Cardiovascular training strengthens your heart, reduces the risk of several diseases, improves lung capacity, improves muscle function, helps the immune system, is great for mental health, improves sleep, and boosts energy.

           Core Strength


Pilates will flatten your abs, improve muscle tone, increase flexibility and range of motions, and help correct poor posture.

nutrition benefits.png


Following a healthful diet has many health benefits, including moving better by building strong bones, protecting the heart, preventing disease, improving sleep, and managing weight.

Conversely, movement can fundamentally change how the body uses, processes, and stores nutrients.


A healthful diet typically includes nutrient-dense foods, including fruits and vegetables of many colors, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthful fats.