My Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science is from Plymouth State College in New Hampshire. I did the Masters program in Kinesiology at the University of Colorado (CU) in Boulder.

While at CU Boulder, I worked on the varsity sports strength and conditioning staff with several sports including football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, and track & field. After CU, I worked at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs with Olympic athletes in sports such as wrestling, judo, taekwondo, volleyball, badminton, Olympic weightlifting, and gymnastics.

Over the years, I have transitioned from enhancing athletic performance to improving movement for anyone, especially if they have limitations due to injury, imbalanced training or simply the effects of getting older. I practice the principles of Concentration, Focus, and Precision for resistance training to enhance results while reducing risk of injury. I incorporate Pilates to improve core strength, posture, and enhance mental awareness. I utilize Stick Mobility combining joint mobilization, strength training, and deep activated stretching to improve mobility, stability, & strength.

I am a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition. We can use nutrition to help you feel better and as a component towards better movement. We can work within your dietary preferences and restrictions, making habit changes to achieve desired results.




NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Peak Pilates - Pilates Instructor

Stick Mobility - Coach

Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Coach


Results happen over time, not overnight. If we work smart, stay consistent and be patient then we can feel and move better.